For 'No Time to Bleed,' Suicide Silence took their time. "'The Cleansing' was recorded live in two weeks, where we kept the best takes of each song and used those takes for the record," vocalist Mitch Lucker told Noisecreep. "We wanted to hurry up and get it out so we could tour on it. For the new album, we took way more time writing each song, and instead of recording, we did pre-production and then recorded."

Taking their time afforded the So Cal deathcore band the ability to create a vastly varied record. "It has way more dynamics," Lucker admitted. "It's like a movie with a lot of scenes. It's not like a fast car chase the whole time, like 'The Cleansing' was. This movie has ups and downs. It carries you more and it's not just blast beat, then breakdown, blast beat, then breakdown, then screaming anymore."

Regardless of the process, Suicide Silence have been buzzing in the underground and they are on the precipice of breaking through as part of the next big wave of young, hot metal bands. Lucker is matter-of-fact when saying that touring and remaining in people's faces was how Suicide Silence started to virally become much more than a blip on the metal radar, embedding themselves in headbanger's hearts. "We did 290 shows in 300 days," Lucker stated proudly. "From the time the first record came out to a year past that date, we did almost 300 shows. The year before that, we did 260 shows. It's honestly non-stop touring. We are in people's faces no matter what. We do a punk rock tour, a screamo tour and then a death metal tour. We are right for anyone who likes extreme or heavy. We sometimes have people hate our music, but love our live show. We just try to be in people's faces so much. So deal with it or start liking us!"