StygianHockey and metal go together like skulls and crossbones. Over the past few years, several major artists have made their fandom known by slamming the boards for their favorite teams. In 2008, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen wrote an official Chicago Blackhawks theme song, Darkest Hour recorded the fan song 'Let's Go Caps' on their MySpace for the Washington Capitals, and Unearth wrote an intro song for the San Antonio Rampage.

Now Philadelphia band Stygian are putting on the gloves and playing to Philadelphia Flyers fans for free. On March 11, the Flyers will take the ice against the Boston Bruins at Wachovia Center, and Stygian will play a tribute show at the AT&T Pavilion right near the venue. The concert will start at 5 PM, two hours before face off, and fans with tickets to the game will be offered free admission.

Stygian will play two additional 15-minute sets during the intermissions between the first and second period. And after the Flyers emerge victorious or go down in an icy puddle, the band will play another hour of pounding metal.

"Getting to rock out at the Flyers game is a true honor for us," drummer Steve Bacchia told Nosiecreep. "We are all huge fans of the sport of hockey and even bigger fans of our hometown Philadelphia Flyers. Taking it one step further is the thrill of playing for one of the most passionate groups of fans that exist. Hockey fans in general are enthusiastic, but Philadelphia was recently voted the best fans in the NHL and the toughest place to play for an opponet.

"In this town we are made up of hardworking people who love their sports teams. Heavy music fits so well with the atmosphere because the nature of the game is intese, hard-fought, aggressive, and fast. Pantera was known for playing live at Dallas Stars games for this reason as well. Quite simply -- the fans want to be pumped up, they want to cheer, they want to grab a beer and unite for a good time, and we couldn't ask for a better venue. Our relationship with hockey and Flyers fans will continue for a long time to come. When the crowd chants 'one more song, one more song' -- even after the puck drops -- we know we've done our jobs."

In February, Stygian released their second album, 'Fury Rising,' the follow-up to 2006's 'Struggle.'