Story of the Year

St. Louis rockers Story of the Year are all about the kids. For 'The Children's Song,' off their new album 'The Constant,' they brought in children to lay down their vocals. "For the album, we haven't made any drastic changes, but it's different in certain aspects, where we tried a few new things," vocalist Dan Marsala told Noisecreep. "One song has a choir of kids singing and the hook is just kids singing and we've never done that. One of the kids was the daughter of Phil [Sneed], our guitarist. Our producer's daughter sang, as well. It was all kids that we know. It sounded really cool, and we made it sound like it was a huge choir of people when it was just a few people. The song is about the future of our planet and has a kid's perspective."

For 'The Constant,' Marsala said it was a smooth process and one that went by in lightning-fast fashion. "It was the fastest we've ever written and recorded," Marsala revealed. "We didn't over-think anything, and we made sure we were having fun and loved the whole experience. Last time, we wrote for a year, and it was too drawn out. By the end, I was thinking, 'I don't want to hear these songs anymore.' This time we had fun."

Story of the Year isn't Marsala's only love, though. He's been skateboarding for about 17 years now and made the choice to pursue music as a career, even though he loved both hobbies equally. He said, "I was a full-on, and I didn't know what I wanted to do for some point. Music and skating were both hobbies, but skateboarding hurt more as I got older. I thought I was going to be a pro skater when I was a kid. I still skate to this day. It's not as often now. It's my other love, for sure."

'The Constant' is out Feb. 16 through Epitaph.