Stone Temple Pilots are heading into the fall of 2013 in a much different state than they were at during this time last year. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington is their new frontman, while the band remains entangled in legal matters with estranged vocalist Scott Weiland.

Speaking to Minneapolis / St. Paul's 93X, guitarist Dean DeLeo explained, "I just can't believe it even went to this." He added, "We just wanted to move on in a productive, caring productive way. Did I say productive? A productive environment. When it came time for us to do that, I think we shocked a lot of people."

However, even though things are tied up in court, DeLeo still has some positive sentiment to send toward Weiland, explaining, "We really, really wish Scott the very, very best. I really hope he one day finds the light." When asked if he felt the split was permanent with Weiland, he added, "I don't have a crystal ball, man. I can just tell you that I'm very, very grateful and very thankful for where we're at right now."

As for the remaining members and what it means moving ahead with Bennington, DeLeo stated, "We wanted to move forward and not try to re-create our catalog. I think that's impossible because we had a lineup change … But honestly and simply, we're moving forward. When we do revisit the catalog in a live situation we just want to do it justice."

At present, Stone Temple Pilots are working toward an EP that they plan to issue this fall coinciding with their tour dates. DeLeo confirmed it would include the current single 'Out of Time,' plus four other songs the band is in the process of completing.

To hear the remainder of the DeLeo brothers' conversation with 93X, check out the player below.

Listen to Stone Temple Pilots' Dean and Robert DeLeo Interviewed on Minneapolis / St. Paul's 93X