Stone Sour will make you 'Tired' with their new video. The visual for the single 'Tired,' which appears on 'House of Gold & Bones, Part 1,' captures the band in its most natural state -- performing on stage, entertaining their fans and navigating life on the road.

It's a look at the touring life for Stone Sour. They assault their instruments, delight their fans and bleed, sweet and beat the crap out of their poor, unsuspecting bodies for the sake of their art.

The clip also captures the band as it moves from venue to venue and city to city, which is another draining aspect of life on the road and that which can cause a band to, well, "erode." The video shows the sacrifice that musicians make for their pursuit of art and yes, there's plenty of fan interaction, too.

The bushy, furry and out of control beard of guitarist Jim Root, also a member of Slipknot, has a supporting role in the clip. That thing needs its own zip code.

Few things are as exciting as watching singer Corey Taylor and vibing off his energy, too. That's never in short supply. It'll make you tired since there is so much activity!