What image is conjured up by the descriptors "cute", "cuddly," and "children's toy?" If you answered Steven Tyler, then shame on you. I know young children who have burst into tears of horror simply at seeing his face in a magazine.

So perhaps it was an attempt at revamping his image when Steven Tyler decided to launch his very own children's toy. According to Metal Hammer, the Aerosmith singer has had his own Cabbage Patch Doll commissioned. Perhaps it was just to distract people from his newly broken face.

The doll is being auctioned on eBay, and bidding will be open until Nov. 17. The current bid is already north of $600, so you better be prepared to drop some serious loot if you actually want to purchase this. All proceeds go to charity, so one can at least find some solace in spending a serious amount of cash on something that should never have existed in the first place.

Aerosmith expects to drop a new album at some point in 2012. The as-of-yet untitled album will be their first collection of original material since 2001's 'Just Push Play.'

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