Steel Panther guitarist Satchel is now offering a guided video tour of the band's current studio efforts for fans, since the metal jokesters are working on a brand new album, due out this year. It's the follow up to 2011's 'Balls Out' and in the Panther's collective mind, they are reinventing the 'Steel!'

In the clip above, Satchel was quick to point out that it's not all work, since that would be, well, boring. The drugs and hookers were on the way and while the naked chicks were not yet on site, the band managed to get some work done.

The 12-minute video is very 'Spinal Tap' and will elicit more than a few chuckles as we see the band doing takes in the studio while Satchel takes proper care explain the goings on.

There's also several hangers on at the studio -- people the band doesn't know and who don't seem to serve a purpose, but they are just ... there.

The guitarist also wants us to notice that drummer Stix's hair doesn't move while he's laying down his tracks. Now that's something at which to marvel. The funniest part happens at about three minutes in when Satchel pretty much says that Stix's drum takes suck, but the board isn't muted. They proceed to get in a faux argument.

This Steel Panther studio update is the perfect way to start or end your Friday.