"I am just walking back from a Bass Pro Shops, with a bag over my shoulder with supplies for the show," Staind frontman Aaron Lewis told Noisecreep. Lewis was getting ready for his appearance on Drury Outdoors' Outdoor Channel series, 'Dream Season Celebrity,' which will air in 2010. It's a reality hunting show that chronicles competing teams across the country. This season features celebs like Lewis paired with regular dudes who share an interest in hunting.

"I will be filming the hunting show next weekend," Lewis said. "It's me and Tim Silvia, the UFC guy, and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball player and J.C. Whitley, the bull-riding Iron Man, who rode with broken bones and nothing keeps him off bulls. It'll be the four of us. We each have two team members, and it's a competition of sorts. It's not about who kills the most. It is a competition as to who makes the best TV show. We are being judged on the production, the footage and what we film. I'll be hunting in a tree stand, with a camera right over my shoulder. So if I miss, everyone watching sees me miss. If I get a hit, people see it and so be it. But I don't miss."

Lewis doesn't miss, because he is an avid hunter who's been hunting as long as he's been a musician. "I hunt white-tailed deer. That is my favorite. I have also hunted turkies and have done upland bird hunting, too, like pheasants and quail," he said. He hasn't gotten any flack from PETA, but he isn't concerned about raising the organization's ire, either, since he isn't hunting strictly for sport, but for sustenance.

"Bring it on," he said about PETA's possible questioning of his activities. "I watched 'Food Inc.' and it strengthened my beliefs in harvesting and eating my own food. I have never killed anything that I did not eat. Even when I was a kid with a BB gun, being all irresponsible and shooting squirrels and robins, my dad made me eat it all. I've always believed if you kill something, you have to eat it, so you better make sure it tastes good."

Lewis hopes he wins the competition on the show, due to the generous, covetable prize package, which includes "new bows, gear and a Bad Boy Buggy, which is a golf cart on steroids! It has four-wheel drive and it's jacked up and goes silently through the woods, like an electric golf cart!" Boys and their toys.

The show will air sometime in 2010. Best of luck to Lewis. The metal community is rooting for him!