NORWEGIAN THRASH? Ok, so immediately most associate Norway with black metal, but this time around Oslo's Forgery have inked a deal with Candlelight Records / Nocturnal Art Productions. Leading the scene since the 90's, Noisecreep will keep you updated on continuing news and upcoming information on the band and its new label home.

THRASH IS TURNING JAPANESE: Well, I really think so. For Tokyo thrashers Grief Of War, the band has posted a new track on their Myspace in support of their upcoming album 'Worship'. Set with a July 7th release date, the four piece began kicking off a new tour with Into Eternity just last week.

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE: With just two founding members left, the Finnish thrash outfit The Scourger have officially parted ways earlier this week. Although in the imaginary metal custody trial between sole property of the band name, lead vocalist Jari Hurskainen has the rights to the band's name and will plan on reforming with a new lineup of members. What does this mean for drummer Seppo Tarvainen? Fear not thrashers, as he plans to begin a new project at a later date.