They've always done things a little different in the South, and that could not be more true than with the sweat-stained and whiskey-soaked sludge bands that make up the heavy music scene south of the Mason-Dixon Line. It's nothing new really, EyeHateGod has been doing it since 1988. But since then, an army of bearded bands have taken their metal, dipped it in molasses, rolled it in weed and developed a style of music that is entirely its own beast. It's these bands that are showcased in the forthcoming documentary 'Slow Southern Steel.'

"Bands in the South treat each other more like family. There's a camaraderie between touring bands that is virtually non-existent in the North," executive producer Karim Khan told Noisecreep.

Directed by Rwake vocalist CT, the film has "absolutely" exceeded initial expectations, and features the likes of Jimmy Bower of the aformentioned EyeHateGod, as well as Bower's bandmate in the southern supergroup Down, Phil Anselmo -- not to mention a virtual A-Z of southern metal bands.

The film is slated to debut at the Little Rock Film Festival in May of 2010 and will later be released on DVD by Kahn's Chicago-based label, I'm Better Than Everyone Records.

Director CT recently devoted a radio show on Combat Music Radio to the film. The two minute trailer can be seen below.