In a move that's sure to please those who walk the doomed path, North Carolina sludge fiends Sourvein recently entered the studio to record the follow-up to 2008's 'Imperial Bastard' EP, and they promise to hit us hard with a new full-length next year. Noisecreep caught up with vocalist T. Roy to get the down 'n' dirty on the new jams. The gravel-throated charmer revealed, "It will be on Candlelight Records and will be called 'Aquatic Occult.' Some song titles I can share are 'Bermuda Orchid' and 'Bleedcharm,' and as far as lyrics, they're real -- lived and learned style."

He continues, "We are almost done now. We had a few setbacks, but things have been on track the last few weeks. Now it's down to a few last things then the mix. We want it to come out right and not to rush anything. We went in with like six or seven songs done and jammed out the other couple in there. Sometimes the vibe gets right and riffs and ideas get goin', and we will write and record stuff right then."

Sourvein have been toiling away in the American doom metal underground since 1993, enduring endless lineup changes, moves across a handful of state lines and their unfair share of hardships along the way. Their music is ugly, loud and venomous, while T. Roy's vocal's are whiskey-drenched and spiteful, pained and honest. Their message is clear: nothing positive, only negative. From the sound of things, Sourvein are still heading straight as an arrow down the same left-hand path towards damnation, and T. Roy couldn't be happier about it.

He explains, "We are throwin' some new elements and thoughts into our sound, mixing it up a bit on a couple songs, but it's classic Sourvein in many ways as well. There are certain things we will always do -- it's heavy and loud and has its own thing. I'm so ready for everyone to hear this record!" he exclaims, his excitement and pride in the new songs clearer than the purest Dixie whiskey.