The Soundwave festival which took place in Sydney, Australia this weekend, has been hit with a tragedy. Attendees reportedly smuggled magnesium flares into the festival and ignited them mid-crowd. A female patron is said to have been horribly burned and disfigured as a result of the flame, according to promoter AJ Maddah.

There are several conflicting reports about the number of flares that were set off and during which band's set the female victim was injured.

Early reports indicated that a flare was lit during Metallica's set on Stage 1. Later reports claimed it was ignited during Bring Me the Horizon's performance on Stage 3.

The most recent reports suggest that there were as many as two to three flares lit during both band's sets.

Maddah is offering a reward for anyone can identify the perpetrators.

"If anyone can correctly identify this son of a bitch, I will shower you with so much tickets, backstage and cash you wont know what to do," he said. Maddah also claims that social media has helped the authorities get multiple angles of the perps.

Video footage related to the flare incidents can be seen below.

Watch Video from Bring Me the Horizon's Soundwave Set