Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd has been more in the spotlight in recent years since the band reunited, but come next month he won't be sharing the attention with Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil or Matt Cameron (okay, maybe Cameron a little bit). Shepherd has recorded a new solo album called 'In Deep Owl' under the moniker HBS and he's just unveiled the second new track from the disc titled 'Collide'

The song, which just premiered over at, is definitely a departure from his Soundgarden work. 'Collide' is definitely an introspective piece, with Shepherd offering a more breathy delivery as his vocals float over the guitar, mandolin and drum backing.

The haunting track finds Shepherd burrowing into his soul for lyrics like "Trying to make my way through what I get from you / Just try not to show you how low I go." The song is definitely a stark contrast to the fuzzed out, more aggressive rocker 'Baron Robber,' which was the first taste of new music from the 'In Deep Owl' disc.

Even though it's a solo album, Shepherd did have several guests on the disc, primarily on drums where his Soundgarden cohort Matt Cameron, Matt Chamberlain and Joseph Braley all took turns behind the kit.

The debut disc from HBS (Hunter Benedict Shepherd, if you were wondering) is due on Aug. 27. You can currently pre-order the 'In Deep Owl' collection here. The full track listing for the album can be found below the song preview.

Listen to HBS' 'Collide'

HBS' 'In Deep Owl' Track Listing

1. 'Stone Pale'
2. 'Koda'
3. 'Collide'
4. 'Loose Ends'
5. 'Neverone Blues'
6. 'Veritas'
7. 'Baron Robber'
8. 'From the Blue Book'
9. 'Keystone'
10. 'The Great Syrup Accident'
11. 'A Train You Can't Win'