The Max Cavalera-fronted Soulfly commenced the recording of their new album on Nov. 6 in Edge of the Earth studios in Hollywood, Calif. -- and they're calling it 'Omen.' Of course, that could change between now and when the disc actually drops, but at this point, that's what the band's calling the studio set.

The follow-up to 2008's 'Conquer' will be helmed by producer Logan Mader, and will include the tentatively-titled tracks 'Bloodbath and Beyond,' 'Off With Their Heads,' 'Rise of the Fallen,' 'Apocalyptic Clash,' 'Vulture Culture,' 'Lethal Injection' and '7 Daggerz.' The band will also be recording a cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Four Sticks' for use as a B-side or bonus track.

Cavalera spoke with Noisecreep last month, ahead of the studio sessions, and he told us the plan is to have the disc done by year's end. "I think it's gonna be in the same vein as 'Conquer,' but more energetic," he told us of the new record. "The songs will be a little faster and shorter too, so it will be more aggressive and more in your face. There's a lot of energy from what I've got so far."

The album will feature the lineup Soulfly has had since 2004: Cavalera, guitarist Marc Rizzo, bassist Bobby Burns and drummer Joe Nunez. Cavalera says Mader was his first choice for producer because "he's got a really good ear and he's a really easy guy to work with. So doing this new one with him should be a lot of fun."