SoulflyIn 1996 the metal world was confused when Max Calavera left one of the most influential bands in headbanger's history, Sepultura. Just about a year later, a whole other monster called Soulfly came to shape. Over a decade later, the band is still shredding on stages all over the world.

While opening bands Mutiny Within, Cattle Decapitation and Prong played at Gramercy Theater Oct. 19, Soulfly's backline was covered with huge Brazilian flags. "I want to see Marc Rizzo! Marc Rizzo!" a fan shouted while Soulfly's crew prepared the stage.

"Come on New York! Open that circle pit up," Calavera demanded. But, the pit already extended from wall to wall. It can't open any further, man! The place was packed to the brim, and the crowd never stopped moving.

Cattle Decapitation drummer Dave McGraw noted that the band played the most Sepultura songs at the New York City show than they have played all tour long.

A 'Raining Blood' intro sparked 'Molotov,' a track that caused absolute chaos. During the song, a man wailed a Brazilian flag in the mosh pit like he was putting a curse on the slam dancers. Then, the band seamlessly progressed into performing a group tribal drum solo.

After the show, Calavera made some time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans who eagerly waited for him outside Soulfly's tour bus. The intimate show met a happy end for some lucky fans.