Germany's Dew-Scented are gearing up for the release of Icarus, their latest collection of death metal tinged thrash. Formed in 1992, the quintet have released eight prior albums to date, each garnering rave reviews for their laser-focused songwriting and powerhouse vocals. Icarus is no different, with tracks like "Destined to Collapse" and "Thrown to the Lions" aiming for the jugular and never letting up in their aggression.

In this Noisecreep exclusive, Dew-Scented vocalist Leif Jensen listed the five songs he wants to be played at his funeral. As depressing as that theme might be, it's impossible to argue with the dude's excellent picks!

"Endsmouth," Agents of Oblivion


"'It's only the end of the world again.' Quite an obvious choice here really, just going by the lyrics and the song's end time-atmosphere. I have been a fan of Dax Riggs' vocals (and lyrics) ever since his early Acid Bath days and up to these days with (some of) his solo material. The one and only Agents of Oblivion album is an extremely underrated musical masterpiece and I don't know many people who haven't liked this record after giving it some time to open up. Now if only more people would find out how special this is."

"Breathe," Trouble


"Trouble is one of my all-time favorite bands and I could have selected another handful of their songs from previous albums as well. But I decided to go with 'Breathe...,' which closes off my favorite of their releases, the Rick Rubin produced Manic Frustration album. This is such an epic piece... and the homage-section of Donovan's 'Atlantis' track in here always had me intrigued. Absolutely beautiful! 'Now it`s time to leave/Need air to breathe/There's nothing left to say' ... right on!

"Samarithan," Candlemass


"There could have been several other Candlemass songs on the shortlist for this selection, but 'Samarithan' always happened to be "the one" for me. I am sure it mainly has to do with the majestic melodic guitar-riffing and of course Messiah's colossal vocals! 'I joined with my destiny/I knew I was born again, an angel to be/A vision beyond my dream, called me by name/So in devotion I spread my wings, to heaven I came... to stay.' Quite the perfect soundtrack for ascension for sure!"

"December 10th," Thought Industry


"'And live.' I just love this entire album! I wasn't very much into Thought Industry before, so when I first heard the Black Umbrella album upon release, it completely took me by surprise! Ever since then, this album has been a great companion in dark moments and it seems to age well hand in hand with me. I was considering picking the song 'My Famous Mistake' instead, or 'Tragic Juliet,' or 'World,' or 'Bitter.' Since this whole album is atmospherically just complete perfection to me and best enjoyed in its entirety, this was a tough choice to make!"

"Still in Love With You," Thin Lizzy


"'Is this the end?' Another difficult choice to make! Several of the fantastic songs that Thin Lizzy unleashed should qualify for any type of a top 5 listing. Right here I am gonna side for the melancholic love song 'Still in Love With You' and its epic bluesy vibe, topped off with its breathtaking guitar-solo. I have decided to go for a live-version taken off Live and Dangerous. Possibly the best live album ever released... and the song's vibe is simply haunting on this version! I just heard the cover version of this song recently recorded by Sade (another artist I really like...) and thought it was awesome as well!"

Three "Not So Metal" Bonus Picks from Leif:

"Liquid Diamonds," Tori Amos

"I know this was meant to be a top 5 list but allow me to give you a special bonus treat! And honestly, this list would simply not be complete for me without mentioning Tori Amos. Her music has been a musical fortress, almost a safe refuge, for basically 20 years now to me. While I could have easily picked just about every song off the albums Little Earthquakes or Under the Pink as well, I somehow fell for the mesmerizing "Liquid Diamonds", appearing on the rather experimental From the Choirgirl Hotel album. This song on headphones and in a dark room is about as spooky as it can get, and I just noticed again that I have that album's front cover as large poster hanging on the wall in front of me while I type these lines!"

"Mojo Pin," Jeff Buckley

"Grace is arguably one of the best albums of all times. It's interesting to see more and more people getting into it as time passes by. Good for them! Obviously, most of them will be probably discovering Jeff Buckley through his amazing version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah.' However, the whole album's diversity and its thick continuous atmosphere is what make his voice shine so much! I symbolically picked the opening track 'Mojo Pin' because it starts off the amazing musical legacy that this album is. R.I.P.

"What A Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong

"I basically only wanted to finalize this collection and 'mission' with a classic, rather positive song! Enjoy!"

"Thanks for your time and interest in checking out this special feature! It was far more demanding to compile than I originally thought when I suggested it. It started to 'consume' me and forced me to do it 'right'. But it was well worth it...and best of all, it rewarded me by spending some good while with truly awesome music!"



Dew-Scented will unleash Icarus on July 31 via Prosthetic Records. Pre-order the CD here for only $10 and here if you want the CD/t-shirt bundle for $22. Check out the band's official website for more info and make sure you follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Tour Dates:

8/11 Leewaurden, Netherlands -- Into The Grave Festival

8/12 Berlin, Germany - Postbahnhoffa

8/13 München, Germany – Backstage

8/14 Pratteln, Switzerland – Galerie

8/15 Essen, Germany – Turock

8/16 Kerkrade, Netherlands – Rock Temple

8/17 Dinkelsbühl, Germany - Summer Breeze Fest w/ Amon Amarth, Asphyx, Behemoth, Iced Earth, Napalm Death

8/18 Hamburg, Germany – Grünspan