Swedish melodic metallers Soilwork are currently in the studio working on their latest effort, 'The Panic Broadcast,' which will mark the band's first record since founding guitarist and prodigal son Peter Wichers returned to the fold. Apparently Wichers' return has fueled the band's creative progress.

"'The Panic Broadcast' will be 100 percent pure Soilwork, with everything you've come to expect from us and more, wrapped in a thick layer of groove," drummer Dirk Verbeuren told Noisecreep. "This new linup has spawned both the moodiest and most extreme songs we've ever done, while always maintaining that unique Soilwork vibe."

But don't expect the band to revisit and rework benchmark albums like 'Natural Born Chaos' with this new effort. Verbeuren said, "Those who expect a remake of past albums will have to look elsewhere, but for you who embrace our open-minded musical journey, get ready to succumb to 'The Panic Broadcast!'"

'The Panic Broadcast' is due out via Nuclear Blast America later this year.