Killer Lyrics: Strangers with familiar faces / Slowly lock their eyes on me / Is it the curse that drives them mad / Or am I the one suffering?

"The overall theme to 'Where Did They Hyde Dr. Jekyll?' is finding yourself," Jeremy Eslinger, bassist for Huntsville, Ala.'s Social Jet Lag, told Noisecreep. "The outside influence of the media, politics and even our peers starts to weigh on us and the truth we used to be so sure of is now becoming nothing but gray."

'Hyde' appears on the band's first full-length, 'The Monster Inside,' a mix of ferocious metalcore and clean pop melodies. Their style's dichotomy is encapsulated in the dueling vocals between Ben Enslinger and Melissa Germano.

Eslinger stressed that the lyrics to 'Hyde' encouraged people to maintain beliefs in the face of opposition, and that life's "monsters" might not be what we always expect them to be.

"The bottom line is that you have to make the decision for yourself to stand for what you believe in and ingnore the opinions of others and resist the 'monster inside' yourself," Eslinger explained. "Find the strength inside to hold on to the truth that you knew growing up. Find the courage inside to fight against what you know is wrong. Find the hope inside to push forward even when everyone else is pushing against you. Find Dr. Jekyll."