This is quite an embarrassing moment for rock fans. At last weekend's Rockfest in Kansas City, Missouri, an angry concertgoer kicked a female fan who looked like 'Jersey Shore' guidette Snooki in the face during the event. There's no excuse for that type of behavior, no matter what the circumstances.

TMZ shared footage of the fracas, which took place while ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash was on stage performing. The scene unfolded in the pit, with someone trying to calm an irate attendee down.

Sources told TMZ that the man was already getting physical with other people and Snooki's lookalike began to criticize him for it when he hauled off and booted her in the chin. The rest of the crowd quickly converged on him as she dropped to the floor.

The fight was eventually dispersed and eyewitnesses said that the Snooki doppelganger looked to be fine afterwords. At least, we hope so!

There is no need for such violence at rock shows. It makes the community and the scene look bad. We know, it's the actions of one jackass, but one bad apple often spoils the bunch, at least in media perception.

Watch Snooki Look-alike Get Kicked in the Face at Rockfest