Sleep was away for over 10 years. In the interim we got Om and High on Fire, two undeniably amazing bands for the sludge-adoring crowd. But neither is responsible for the inspirational monster that is 'Sleep's Holy Mountain' and the epic one-song long 'Jerusalem.' So to make up for lost time, Sleep played two-hour-long sets in select cities around the country. That includes two sold out New York City shows and All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Monticello, N,Y.

By Sept. 8, when the trio played to hundreds of people at Brooklyn Masonic Temple -- where just the night before Sunn 0))) and Boris caused a ruckus -- most of their merch was sold out. New York City locals A Storm of Light and Lichens opened the second show.

Justina Villanueva

With Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi projected on the stage, a sequence of Black Sabbath solos played before Sleep got on stage. That's right, no whole songs, just bits of sweet and savory guitar heaven stitched together. It was the ideal introduction to the band, and it put the crowd's anxiety to ease. Then the band came out, with their hands crossed. Every song was extended with a live intro, making each note has heavy and as long as it could go. And it explains the lengthy stage time.

Halfway through a robust set, fans started screaming, "Louder! Louder!" But if the band put any more stacks on the stage, it just might have collapsed -- and so might have unprotected eardrums. Regardless of the silly complaints, fans got exactly what they have been asking for: a full-fledged Sleep reunion. The tour reached major cities like Chicago, Austin, Texas, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.