Dave Lombardo has revealed that Slayer has started working on new material for their 12th studio album. Over the weekend, the drummer posted the following on his personal Facebook page:

"Slayer is writing a new record. Jeff is still recovering and doing better."

The "Jeff" Lombardo is referring to is Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who was bitten by a spider earlier this year and had to undergo surgery after his arm became infected. The veteran axeman spent most of 2011 receiving subsequent medical care and procedures, including skin grafts. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt filled in for Hanneman during Slayer's touring commitments, while the former joined the band for special encores and press appearances.

Slayer's last album was 2009's 'World Painted Blood.' Check out the band's exclusive Noisecreep performance below.

Watch Slayer's Sessions Performance