Madonna's underwear-as-outerwear, Kurt Cobain's plaid flannel shirts and Avril Lavigne's neckties all had a major impact on fashion when fans started copying their looks, but Slash's top hat never did catch on. "They only do it for Halloween," Slash told Noisecreep. "I went to a Halloween party last year and there were two other guys there that were dressed like me.

"It's funny," he added. "I don't think anybody wants to go looking as dorky as me. It works for me, but it wouldn't work for anybody else. They'd just feel silly."

Slash, who was wearing a top hat as we spoke, would presumably have a room full of them (much as he would collect guitars) that he switches when one gets lost or damaged -- but he actually doesn't.

"No, this is my old hat. I've had this forever and we just put leather around it," he says. "I've had this hat since probably about 1989, and I don't have any more. They made me another one that I sort of wear for photos and stuff and it's cool, but I really only have one main hat."

As one decade gave way to another decade, then another, Slash said he never once thought about getting rid of the hat. "No," he stated, "because it's so my thing. I feel more comfortable in it."

Slash's look is certainly iconic, but he also has a great sense of style, rarely seen wearing anything generic or ordinary. "This jacket was made by somebody and these pants were made by somebody," he said. "I like cool stuff, and when it comes to leather, it's best if it's handmade. I know that. I just have a lot of stuff because I never really get rid of anything until it falls apart."

In that case, would he ever do a fashion line? "You sound like my wife," Slash revealed. "She dreams up stuff like that all the time. I'm so difficult. I'm like, 'Ah, it's too corny,' and da da da. Maybe, one of these days."