What's a young, energetic metalcore band like Sky Eats Airplane to do when it has a day off in between a NYC show and a New Jersey show? Simple; they go sightseeing. At least that's what most of the members of Texas/Virginia/Delaware band did while in the greater metropolitan area.

"Me and [guitarist] Zack [Ordway] went to the Empire State Building," guitarist/ keyboardist/ programmer Lee Duck told Noisecreep during a recent office visit. "We went there first because we knew it would take a lot of energy. We also went to Central Park and played Magic the Gathering with our merch guy, because we want to be nerds. We found an epic looking rock, sat on top of it and played. Then, we went to Tom's Restaurant, the place where Seinfeld ate. Zack even got Cheerios, because that's what Seinfeld used to get." For the uninitiated, 'Magic: The Gathering" is a Dungeons & Dragons-type card game that's ripe for playing in the beautiful, lush greenery of the Park.

Drummer Travis Orbin, who only recently joined Sky Eats Airplane, ditched the tourist efforts, though. "He practiced in our hotel room for four or five hours, so I apologize for whoever was in the hotel in that time, since he was banging a practice pad for five hours. He's a machine and a robot," Duck revealed.

"We had the last two days off," Orbin interjected, coming to his own defense. "I participated in fun-slash-mindless activities already and I felt the need to be productive." Lead vocalist Jerry Roush, who describes himself as somewhat "nomadic" since he bounces back and forth between Virginia and Texas, also sat out on seeing the city's sights, only because he used to live in NYC and is familiar with all the city has to offer, and elected to hang out with his friends in the area. We hope that a visit to the Noisecreep offices ranked high on the band's list of "touristy" activities while in the Northeast.