Christian rockers Skillet have released the video for the groove-centric, anthemic track 'Sick of It' from their forthcoming concept album 'Rise,' out June 25. They address several social issues while rocking the heck out in the clip.

The video is bathed in dark tones, somewhat obscuring the members who are active participants thanks to the large portion of performance footage. The fact that the band is almost hiding behind a veil of darkness helps further demonstrate the video's overarching message.

The scenes of the band playing are spliced with several subplots that address societal issues like depression and bullying. There's definitely a lot going on between the ears of the embattled characters in the video and their plights are written, literally, across their foreheads.

The video makes the point that things may be much more obvious than we'd like to think, especially when all the outward signs point to it. Additionally, the shaky, handheld camera feel of the concert scenes also helps to hammer home the point that Skillet are a devastating live band with an equally jarring message.

Watch the Skillet 'Sick of It' Video