The road is where a band builds their future and celebrates their success with the fans that put them there. The Memphis rockers Skillet have followed this rule through their eight-album career, and for the fourth single from their now-gold album, 'Awake,' they decided to show off what they do for most of the year -- taking it to the fans.

Marked by the band's shining riffs and power-driven melodies, 'Awake and Alive' does not disappoint. The video is decorated by the big lights and encompassing smoke of their blistering live shows. Die-hard fans will notice some of the behind the scenes cuts are from the band's podcasts, too.


Shot in a style seemingly more '90s than modern, by way of out of focus shots and screen shakes mocking an old VCR left with a tracking flaw, 'Awake and Alive' goes farther than just being a live video.

Beginning Oct. 1, Skillet will be on tour in the U.S., co-headlining the Monsters of Annihilation Tour with Papa Roach.