California metallers Sicarus are well known on the San Diego underground scene. Today, Noisecreep and Sicarus team up to premiere 'Strength of All.'

"We wanted a kind of chugging, headbanging, old Machine Head type of vibe going on, but still wanted a 'singy' type chorus," guitarist Jon Arbar tells Noisecreep of the track. "We are releasing it as a single, because we feel it encompasses all of our talents in one track. We try to touch on every aspect of our musical ability by using all of the things about metal we love. The heaviness, speed, melody, breakdowns and the shredding. It's a song that really shows what Sicarus is about."

Listen to 'Strength of All'

'Strength of All' is the title track from Sicarus' latest album, and they're known for melodic lyrics and fierce guitars. The band members are hopeful 'Strength of All' will get them some label attention as the they are currently unsigned. Of course, the label has to be the right fit.

"We're working on some new material, and whilst there are no immediate plans to put out a full-length, it is something we are striving for," Arbar continues. "Since we are unsigned right now, we'd have to find a label that is on the same page as us. We're definitely not into signing a deal for a label that will do nothing for us. We've heard great things about Century Media from the guys in Iwrestledabearonce, 3 Inches of Blood and Silent Civilian, so perhaps we'll try get something going with them."

Sicarus will share the stage with Soilwork and Death Angel in Ramona, Calif. on Aug. 1.