Ever have a ripping headache? Chances are, you have. You probably went to the medicine chest, popped a Tylenol (or three) and viola! Headache gone! Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers, who doesn't drink or do drugs, has never even taken a Tylenol. But that's not because he adheres to some sort of militant, straight edge philosophy or way of life. That's not the case, not even in the slightest. "I've never swallowed a pill," Myers said to Noisecreep. "It's not a religious thing or anything. If I want to take one tomorrow, I will."

So what does the guitarist do to remedy a common headache since he doesn't go the over-the-counter-route? "I do get headaches and I get terrible neck and backaches, from years of jumping up and down. I just try and relax and sleep it off," the guitarist said.

Now that's mind over matter. Shinedown's most recent rock 'n roll opus, 'The Sound of Madness,' is out now and has just achieved Gold-selling status. Congrats to the boys on their success.