Shinedown are currently headlining the Carnival of Madness tour, where they are supporting heir latest album 'Amaryllis.' The disc has already spawned three No. 1 singles and a No. 2, making it a very successful record.

Noisecreep caught up with guitarist Zach Myers, who is pretty happy about the success of 'Amaryllis.' "I wish that number two was a number one," he says. "It broke the little streak we had going. We are very happy. We’re going to release ‘Adrenaline,’ give rock radio another rock song."

"We’d kind of like to get to ‘Amaryllis' and see what happens there," Myers reveals. "I think we’re not too far from wrapping this record up, though. We’ve done two straight years of touring on it, which we’re happy about. We’re going to try to wrap it up pretty soon."

Shinedown have been touring almost non-stop in support of the album, and while some bands like to write new material on the road, that's not usually the way Shinedown operate. "We have never written as a band on the road," Myers says. "Eric (Bass) and I have written on the road, little pieces. I wrote the music for ‘Diamond Eyes’ on the road. I wrote the main riff at a soundcheck and we happened to record it. Eric wrote ‘Her Name Is Alice’ from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ soundtrack on tour in Europe on the bus."

"Other than that we really don’t write on tour," Myers states. "I feel if you’re going to sit down and try to write a song, you’re not clearheaded enough. Something is going to come out that you don’t mean, or you’re just going to try to force something to get a song out."

After taking a few weeks off, in October Shinedown will head overseas to play six U.K. shows.