Sharon OsbourneThey were most likely gifts for Ozzy Osbourne in the first place, but now, wife Sharon Osbourne's breast implants will end up in Ozzy's hands ... and perhaps on his desk. That's because Sharon's downgrading her implants, dropping to two cup sizes.

Osbourne appeared on NBC's 'Today' show Monday, to promote this current season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' which features Sharon and rocker Bret Michaels. Sharon tells 'Today' that her 34DDs need to be reduced, much to Ozzy's chagrin. But rather than disposing of the implants, she's having them turned into paperweights for her more-metal half.

"They're better on his desk than on my chest," Osbourne explained. "They're awful!"

Sharon will go under the knife in July, after the 'Celebrity Apprentice' season finale. She says that organizing Ozzfest was a breeze compared to competing on the show. "It's constant mental pressure, and you've got such a short time to do each challenge. ... It's really tough."