Upon teaming up with Warner Music/ILG and Ferret Music as part of a triumvirate to start their own label, Shadows Fall believe they formed "The Justice League of Metal," vocalist Brian Fair told Noisecreep. "With the dramatic losses that record labels have suffered through the past few years, new record deals have been designed to also tap into the money a band makes from merchandise, touring and publishing, in order to make up their falling profits, further draining the band's resources. This is something that Shadows Fall refused to buy into. We wanted to find partners that realized our vision and could see beyond the restraints of the current system. This lead to the formation of to what I call the 'Justice League of Metal,' combining the forces of Warner's ILG, Ferret Records and Shadows Fall."

With this so-called Justice League in place, the Massachusetts-based band was able to write its own ticket and level the playing field. In what feels like an impromptu Music Business 101 class from a band's point of view, Fair also said, "It gives the band the final decision on all aspects of the creation and promotion of the new album and a huge increase of the percentage of sales that actually goes to the band. It was time for a new perspective and to embrace new ideas and mediums that are opening up to bands. I believe it is a new era in the music business and everyone in Shadows Fall could not be more excited. Now if we could only think of a name for the label..." How about Justice League Records? Regardless of the newly-formed label's moniker, a proper Shadows Fall record is due out later this year.