Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall vocalist Brian Fair has a new hobby. He's taken up golf and while he admits he is no Tiger Woods -- and we mean on the golf course and driving range -- but that he has become addicted tot he sport. "M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold is also a golfer. A few of the Two Cents guys are golfers, too. We should start the Alice Cooper golf league," Fair told Noisecreep.

Fair picked up the sport from his grandfather and his brother, both of whom are "big golfers" according to the dreadlocked singer. Fair said that his thoroughly metallic look does cause some of the older gents on the golf course to raise their eyebrows. At first.

"I started hitting the driving range for fun, and I got addicted. Me and my boys in New York go and we play in Queens," the singer revealed. "My one friend is fully-sleeved and has a huge beard, and then I roll in, all dreaded out, and we're on the same course with two older business dudes, who look at us like, 'What is this train wreck?' Then after the first tee, we crush balls and they look at us and say, 'These guys can play.' By the end of the day, we are best friends!"

While Fair loves crushing balls, as he says, he doesn't rock the typical golf attire. You know, the usual pressed plaid pants and Oxford style kicks. "I wear whatever I rock that day," Fair said. "I may have to bust out the plaid one of these days. I do have to wrap my hair in a rasta hat or they get stuck in my back swing." Spoken like a true golf enthusiast.