"We wanted to change the template completely from what we did with our last album, 'Hope and Sorrow,'" explains Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose of the band's new effort, 'Cold Day Memory.' Sevendust will release 'Cold Day Memory' April 20. The new album is the first featuring the return of guitarist Clint Lowery. Having Lowery back in the band helped with the songwriting chemistry, but all members participated equally in the creation of the new music.

"We were going, 'Let's bring back those other elements Clint brought in that made us what we were.' So we sort of made a silent agreement that we were going to let Clint run wild. We said we'll jump in when it's time, but if you've got an idea let's go with it," continues Rose.

The songs on 'Cold Day Memory' encapsulate a lot of human emotions. While the signature brutal Sevendust sound is apparent, there's also a lot of deeper themes at work. Fatherhood, divorce and even Lowery's decision to quit -- and return -- to Sevendust is covered in song.

The members of Sevendust are already touring to support 'Cold Day Memory,' and the single 'Unraveling' is moving up the active rock charts. For singer Lajon Witherspoon, the song evolution on 'Cold Day Memory' is a natural progression for Sevendust.

"I feel this album shows new growth for the band. We're very happy to have Clint back and are looking forward for everyone hearing the magic that's made when we're all together!"

Johnny K produced 'Cold Day Memory.' The album is being released via Sevendust's own 7Bros. Records. The band has shows booked around America through much of the spring. They will play Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio May 22.