Complex and beautiful-to-look-at oceanic ecosystems are explored in the video for 'Orca Act II - Oceanic Subterfuge,' which serves as the visual accompaniment to one of the songs from Serj Tankian's symphonic Orca project. While System of a Down are once again a unit, Tankian also remains committed to his solo work and this video is just the latest piece outside of the band.

Schools of fish go about their daily routines and lives, living amongst intimidating sharks, who inspire fear just by swimming. Other forms of marine life are depicted throughout, but the movement of the fish is synched and edited to match up with the movements of the music.

The scenes of underwater specimens doing little more than swimming are punctuated by images of their harsh realities, such as predatory behavior of other creatures. Our favorite scene happens at 3:50 in, when there almost appears to be a camaraderie and a kinship among the creatures as they swim near one another.

Gorgeous, at times peaceful and always natural, the scenery is accompanied by an epic, expansive score. You will have a new appreciation for what takes place on the ocean floor, courtesy of the same man who delivered tracks like 'Sugar' and 'B.Y.O.B.' It's not metallic, but it is haunting and unforgettable.

At nearly nine minutes in length, the clip, which premiered on ARTISTdirect, is long but it will also relax you if you give yourself up to it.