Despite drummer John Dolmayan's comment upon exiting the stage after the band's July 29 gig -- he said that the next time System of a Down play L.A. or the Hollywood Bowl it would be in support of a new album -- singer Serj Tankian is adamant that there is no new System album on the way and that the band has not hashed out a timetable or a plan.

While engaging in an Ask Me Anything chat on Reddit yesterday (July 31), Tankian, who was outed by bassist Shavo Odadjian in a Facebook rant as the reason that there is no new album due to his solo career commitment, quelled talk that an album is on the horizon.

"No, that is not true. A quick scan of press online will show that we have not yet agreed on a timetable for another record due to its time commitments," Tankian wrote.

Another Reddit user asked, "Do you have any desire for another album? We all understand that the time commitment is huge but I would only want another album if your heart was behind it."

"Yes of course, otherwise I wouldn't be discussing it at all," Tankian replied. So he does want to do a new System album, just not now. That's good news for fans, who are are on a roller coaster of emotion when it comes to the band. Think of it this way. Tankian wants to work on the music when he can focus, rather than phone it in. He's considering the end result!

Tankian did address the Shavo "diss," which was quickly squashed by a collective band issued statement immediately after. "Shavo's comments have been redacted by the author :)," Tankian wrote. "The truth is above in my first answer."

And that's that. Tankian is being as honest and forthright as he can be. While his stance may bum fans out, since it means a longer wait for new System of a Down material, at least he's being real.