System of a Down singer Serj Tankian is smack dab in the middle of a creative boom right now, except when it comes to a new SOAD album. The frontman just shared a video for 'Yerevan to Paris,' a song by his avant jazz side project Jazz-Iz-Christ.

The song appears on the band's self-titled debut, which is available now. The video is not a thrilling clip by any means, but it's not supposed to be, either. It's essentially a split screen of the players making musical love to their instruments. But this type of music is not really the kind that begs strong visual accompaniment.

It's really meant to be focused on the ear so zeroing on the the players with their respective instruments. Any crazy visuals would have distracted from the avant garde music the band is making.

So enjoy a look at Tankian as he does his thing with a bass guitar. He's not the focal point but it is interesting to see him play an instrument as opposed to standing behind a mic and rocking out, which is how most fans are used to seeing him.