Brazil's heaviest metal export, Sepultura, will play a special benefit show with Brazil's Orquestra Experimental de Repertório on Saturday, April 16th in Sao Paulo.

In a recently posted YouTube video, guitarist Andreas Kisser talks about the symbiotic nature of playing with an orchestra. The guitarist references the fact that bands like Metallica and Deep Purple have played with orchestras at some point in their careers, and that while Sepultura are an extreme band, they have always meant to incorporate an orchestra into their music in one way or another. Check out the video below.

Watch the Sepultura & Orquestra video

As the video explains, Sepultura and the orchestra are performing together to raise awareness about both the vitality and plight of brazilwood, also known as pernambuco wood. The wood is an essential construction material for violin bows and other stringed instruments, which makes it crucial to the music community. Unfortunately, the wood is in danger of extinction and most musicians and fans are unaware of the wood's importance and endangered state.

One thousand brazilwood trees will be re-planted by the Instituto Verde Brasil on behalf of the April 16th concert.

Sepultura also plan to release a new album this summer.