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Brazilian metallers Sepultura have delved into the past to help craft their new album, as producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit) has reunited with the group. Robinson, who produced the 1995 Sepultura album 'Roots,' is having the band record their new tracks at his Venice, Calif. studio. Guitarist Andreas Kisser recently posted his thoughts as the band powered through the drum parts for their upcoming disc.

"The drum tracks are solid and full of energy, most of the songs were done in one take, just a very few edits," said Kisser, who posted his thought's on the band's studio diary blog. "Ross don't like to record with a metronome for the drummer, everything is very open and free, we weren't locked to any advice but the pulse of Eloy (Casagrande) on the drums, so powerful." Footage of Casagrande laying down drum tracks courtesy of Diario de Pernambuco videos can be seen below.

Kisser also mentioned that three songs were cut from the album, and they carried the nicknames 'Xisto-Riff,' 'Fu-Riff' and 'Arrastada.' These unfinished tracks, which didn't have any drums recorded, may pop up for a future disc. As for their current work, it's their first time recording in the U.S. since their 1999 release 'Against.'

The album is being co-produced by Steve Evetts, who previously worked with Sepultura on their albums 'Nation,' 'Revolusongs' and 'Roorback.' Kisser recently stated that the band was aiming to release their next album in October.

Watch Sepultura Drummer Eloy Casagrande Laying Down Drum Tracks