It wasn't exactly a secret -- metalheads have been speculating for some time -- but Tobias Forge has been outed as the lead singer of supremely secretive Swedish band Ghost, Metal Insider reports.

Forge, AKA the Ghoul With No Name, AKA Papa Emeritus I, took great pains to protect his identity, disguising his face onstage and voice in interviews, but according to Metal Insider, the clever sleuths at Encyclopaedia Metallum found a crack in his defenses.

It seems Forge has been credited by the Swedish Performing Right Society as 'The Ghoul Writer' -- yet another pseudonym -- on numerous projects over the years, including Ghost's 2010 debut, 'Opus Eponymous.'

Below is a photo of Forge in Magna Carta Cartel, another band he fronts:

Emil Henestål

Besides singing for Magna Carta Cartel, an experimental rock outfirt, Forge has also spent time in metal outfits Repugnant and Suvision. Given the Magna Carta Cartel's decidedly non-metal sound, it makes sense that the singer would want to hide behind the Satanic pope getup he wears onstage with Ghost.

Wait'll the world finds out the other four dudes are really in Matchbox 20.