Seether are building up to their 'Seether 2002-2013' double disc hits collection, which features a few new tracks on top of the familiar classics. Bassist Dale Stewart says the sessions recording those new tracks are giving the band a great jumping off point for their next studio album.

Stewart tells Noisecreep, "The new album is in its infancy. We have one or two songs, one of which we just recorded. But we basically are going to release this and do some touring in the next few months and then we're going to start writing at the end of the year, we're going to start on the new album. [We'll] break for Christmas, come back in January. Hopefully finish it up fairly soon in the New Year, get it out and start touring again."

For Stewart, the time off has been nice, but he's definitely got the itch to ramp things up again. "We're a touring band; we're a live band. We've had a lot of time off recently, which has been really nice. but at the same time you miss playing, you miss getting out there and playing live for the fans," says the bassist. "The recording is fun, it's fun being in the studio watching the songs come together, but there's nothing that compares to that live instant gratification for a song. When you get done with a song, people are cheering and having a good time. To me, that's why you started doing this in the first place."

For their new material on the 'Seether 2002-2013' disc, the band worked with acclaimed producer Brendan O'Brien and that relationship will carry over to their next studio album.