Who needs a picnic to end the long, hot summer when you can feast on innards at a GWAR-B-Q?

The universe's scumdogs have announced September 17th as the new date of the second annual GWAR-B-Q, which will ruin the facilities at Hadad's Water Park in Richmond, Virginia. GWAR will perform live, so all the kids and families trying to have a good time at Hadad's Water Park should probably pack up early, or else flee the scene in tears. The GWAR-B-Q was originally planned for August 27th, but the band changed its mind and pushed it to September.

"My personal contribution to the festival is the Oderus Kissing Booth," frontman Oderus Urungus told Noisecreep. "People will be forced into a plywood box and allowed to bake in the hot sun until near death."

Richmond's Kepone will also play a special reunion show at the GWAR-B-Q. Every member of Kepone, who broke up in 2003, has played in GWAR at some point in their life. There are plenty of other activities and bands on tap, too.

Watch the video for 'Bring Back the Bomb (live)'