Sebastian Bach is an avid tweeter, constantly updating his 150,000-plus followers about his running regimen, dinners with friends, live shows, and the status of his upcoming album, 'Kicking and Screaming,' due out September 27th. However, Bach has yet to post a photo of himself snarling and foaming at the mouth. You see, the Canadian rocker has been court-ordered to get tested for rabies.

The unusual demand is the result of an arrest last November at Riley's Old Towne Pub in Bach's hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, where Bach was charged with assault and accused of biting bar owner Jim Kakouros. He was also charged with possession of 2 grams of marijuana and mischief.

"Right now, where that court case stands in Peterborough, it's over and done with," Bach tells Noisecreep. "I just have to go to the doctors and get a clean bill of health because the guy that I bit wants to make sure that I don't rabies. There's my life [laughs]."

Originally, various news outlets ran slightly differing accounts of the night in question. Most reported that Bach and some friends asked Riley's house musician Josh Gontier if they could sing and he told them to speak with Kakouros. Instead, they returned to their seat and started heckling. Bach apparently tossed ice cubes at him. When Kakouros asked him to stop, he started leaving -- with his glass of wine.

The phrasing of QMI Agency reports implies he threw the glass at the front doors, shattering the glass. However, in a CHEX TV interview Kakouros said, "He raised his hand and threw the wine glass with the wine in it, as hard as he could, on the floor, shattering it."

While waiting for the police to arrive, Kakouros put him in a bear hug. That's when Bach bit his hand.

Judd Smoke, Bach's friend, was also quoted in the news report as saying, "Everybody is painting Baz in a bad light, but he didn't do no attacking to no bar owner, as per se, like I've seen on TV and the Internet. It was more the other way around. I was there."

A video of the incident was subsequently released and shows Bach voluntarily leaving the pub alone and smashing the glass on the floor. Immediately after, Kakouros' quickens his pace and grabs him just as Bach is by the door. "And he's the guy that sold it to TMZ of him jumping me from behind!" Bach says incredulously.

"You know, okay, I threw a glass of wine on the ground because he kicked me out of the bar in my home f---in' town. You can go to Friendly's with your grandma and she could drop a glass of water on the ground, nobody tackles her. 'You broke a glass!!!!!' What the f---!"

Bach hasn't gone to the doctor yet. "Maybe I'll just say, 'Hey dude I have rabies,'" he laughs. "The one thing I got to say that is so funny -- 'Sebastian came in to the restaurant expecting rock star treatment.' I don't even know where to begin with that statement [Kakouros made].

"I go to every city on the planet and yes, I get rock star treatment. You wanna know why? Because I'm a rock star. You know what rock star treatment is? It's just being nice. It's just like, 'Hi, how are you? How's it going? Nice to see you,' being polite, being a nice guy. That's what I'm talking about.

"In Peterborough, I get tackled. And there is no other city in the world where I get tackled [laughs]."

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