Former Skid Row singer and lovable motormouth Sebastian Bach has offered quite an update on his new album, saying that there will be more vocal histrionics and drama than ever.

He is currently in the studio and he has promised to focus on his voice with this release. He even said he plans to push it to the threshold, farther than he ever has.

Whoa! That's intense.

Baz is known for that powerhouse voice, so this information is not shocking. But to think that he is going to take what he does with his voice to the absolute limit? Count us in. The suggestion sure does get us pumped to hear what vocal acrobatics he will engage in. The sky is the limit.

Concrete details were not revealed, but Baz did his best to ramp up excitement. He also promised to share more updates as they happen, so watch this space for more info!

The full update is as follows:

Well I am happy to say we have spent the last two days in studio and we know exactly what to do with this new record. It is going to be balls-out kick a-- rock 'n roll with tons of vocal histrionics and harmonies especially. That is what I am hearing so far that this record. I am going to really concentrate on harmonies & pushing my voice to the maximum you have ever heard it pushed. The riffs are crazy and cool and we have 13 or so songs so we are right on track & we know exactly what to do to kick your a-- into 2014! Standby for studio updates! we are into it! and get ready for new Bach Rock coming your way soon!! thanks to Devin Bronson & Bob Marlette who are really making it happen!