Many musicians and models insure their body parts.

Keith Richards has a $1.6 million policy on his hands, while Bruce Springsteen will be awarded $6 million should his voice blow out or something to that effect.

So what about Scott Ian's infamous beard?

Turns out the Anthrax guitarist's famous facial hair is unprotected. "My beard is not insured," Ian said. "But I've got some poker buddies who have offered me ridiculous amounts of money on prop bets, like how much would it cost for me to shave it and then not grow it back for a X amount of time and I won't do it until they hit six figures."

[VH1 Classic Radio]

are metal's "It" band as of late, and they have shared their cover of ABBA's "I'm a Marionette," which you can listen to and enjoy below. We know, on the surface, you're thinking, "Ghost, covering ABBA? WTF?" But both bands are Swedish, so it makes more sense than you'd think! The band even said that it respects its homeland's modern musical heritage, having grown up in the present, and that especially includes ABBA.

Listen to 'I'm a Marionette'

Finnish forward thinkers Amorphis will release their 11th album Circle on April 30 through Nuclear Blast. [Lambgoat]

Checkout "This Fight" from Annandale's Moving Forward, which is the band's debut EP. It was produced by Sevendust's Clint Lowery and features his bandmate Morgan Rose on drums, so there is obviously a huge Sevendust connection. Like what you hear? Well, the EP is out tomorrow, Jan.22.