Scar the Martyr will issue their self-titled debut on Oct. 1. The band is the brainchild of Slipknot drummer and multi-instrumentalist Joey Jordison. There will be four bonus tracks on the special edition, making more Martyr for you hard-earned buck.

Below is the regular edition and then the four extra tracks. Clearly, the band experienced a creative boon, since they are offering up 18 tracks total. That's a lot of metal, but there is no such thing as too much metal, especially when it's coming from someone as talented and as into the extreme arts as Jordison.

The band is also in the middle of its first tour, which wraps at the end of the month.

Scar the Martyr 'Scar the Martyr':

1 .'Intro'
2 .'Blood Host'
3 .'My Retribution'
4 .'Soul Disintegration'
5 .'Cruel Ocean'
6 .'Dark Ages'
7 .'Sign of the Omeneye'
8 .'Anatomy of Erinyes'
9 .'Prayer for Prey'
10 .'White Nights in a Day Room'
11 .'Effigy Unborn'
12 .'Never Forgive Never Forget'
13 .'Mind’s Eye'
14 .'Last Night on Earth'

Bonus tracks:

1 .'Flatline & Fracture'
2 .'Digging for Truth'
3 .'Coat of Arms'
4 .'Complications'