Have you ever wondered how stoner metal bands score when they go on tour? Well, turns out it's not as hard as you might think. At least that's what Saviours drummer Scott Batiste tells Noisecreep. See, Saviours' members are notorious stoners. In fact, when we asked Batiste what the band does to kill time on tour, he was ... blunt.

"We listen to music pretty much all the time in the van," he says. "We pretty much just jam f---ing old '70s hard rock and '80s metal ... some of the more obscure European s---. And we smoke a s---load of weed, and just try to f---ing kill it on stage. That's all you can do."

For those unfamiliar with their sound, try picturing the best parts of Mastodon with the best parts of High on Fire, with a pinch of Motörhead together in one package. They've got a new album, 'Accelerated Living,' set to hit stores on Oct. 27. So, what do Saviours do to get the green while far from their native connects?

"We're magnets for people who want to sell us drugs," Batiste says. "They just look at us, and they can just tell we need s---. We get asked more than we ask, let's put it that way. And by now, people know what to expect, so they come out to see us, and they'll bring joints or bags ... pills, mushrooms, because they know we like to party. That's pretty cool."

When no one comes to them, Batiste says they'll often throw up a sign near the merch table, expressing their desire to purchase a stash.

Batiste says the band follows one simple rule: Never carry on the van what you can't eat. "This one time, we ate eight joints in five seconds when we got pulled over in Florida," he says. "After that, I felt like I needed to drink a gallon of water. But yeah, I felt pretty high. Whenever we get s---, we f---ing roll it all up as soon as we get it, and put it in a cigarette pack, to have it handy."

And Batiste admits there's another guideline to follow: When in doubt, there's always the sound guy. "The sound guy is always a good place to start, because he'll almost always know someone who can get you grass," he says. "You have to be smart, and not be [an idiot] about it and s---. I've seen bands before, touring with f---ing ounces, and it's like, 'You guys are f---ing idiots.'"