NASCAR has had a solid following in America for years, but lately the sport's fanbase has leaked into the alternative culture. Mississippi's Saving Abel were quick to jump at the chance to make a music video that brought the theme of determination and the driving passion to follow one's dream by combining the success of racer Jeremy Mayfield with their latest single. "It's funny how our story kind of fit their song and worked perfect for their video," Mayfield recently commented. "Just being a part of that was cool for me. I didn't really know them that well until we did the video and they have a lot of fun."

"We especially love how Jeremy's real life story mirrors the character he plays in the video," says Saving Abel frontman Jared Weeks. "We're all big NASCAR fans, and we had a blast shooting the 'Drowning (Face Down)' video with Jeremy Mayfield and the other drivers." Parts of the music video were shot at Bristol Motor Speedway, as well as Mayfield Motorsports in Harrisburg, N.C., and it features cameos by NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Carl Edwards, Martin Truex Jr., Brian Vickers and Clint Bowyer.