The last time we saw SafetySuit, the melodic rockers were supporting 2008's 'Life Left to Go' and its hit single 'Stay.' During that time, the Nashville-based band hit the touring circuit hard, playing over 200 shows in the process. The hard work paid off with VH1 spotlighting SafetySuit as a band 'You Oughta Know' and over 500,000 singles being sold after all was said and done.

Now the group is ready to take things to the next level with their upcoming and yet-to-be titled sophomore album. Working with producers Howard Benson [Daughtry, Flyleaf], Espionage [Train, David Cook] and OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, SafetySuit have crafted the kind of record that has a stadium-sized hook around every corner. There's little doubt that the young combo will find further success on modern rock radio once it hits stores later this year. Noisecreep has teamed up with the band to premiere the video for 'Get Around This,' the album's striking first single.

Watch 'Get Around This' from SafetySuit

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After working on a half an album's worth of material in Nashville last year, SafetySuit realized that neither the songs nor the performances were up to their standards. "We'd been going nonstop for three years, and were burned out," says vocalist-guitarist Doug Brown. "We just had to get away from it for a little bit, live life and gain some perspective. So we actually threw away the hard drives containing the tracks we'd done and started all over again."

It didn't take long for something fresh to manifest itself. Brown headed to New York to toss around ideas with the guys from Espionage, who were riding high after co-writing and producing Train's massive hit, "Hey Soul Sister.""They played me a really interesting chord progression," Doug recalls, "and I started spontaneously singing along with it, [sings] 'Take me back yesterday/I swear it on your life.' They saw that I was in a zone, and they said, 'Go into this room and just be by yourself for a while.'

A half hour later, I came out and said, 'What if we came around at the end and went [sings], 'We can get around this, get around this?" They were like, 'OK, let's start recording.' It was really that quick. If you catch an emotional moment in the writing process, one sentence, one word, can fire off an entire song in a matter of minutes. The best songs practically write themselves. It's all about tapping into a feeling and letting those emotions take over."

SafetySuit's upcoming sophomore album will be out later this year via Universal Records.