We're not sure that suing a band is the most effective way to express your love for its music. But hey, what do we know. Rush fan Christopher Langone has filed a class action lawsuit against Rush since he embarked on a sojourn from upstate New York to Chicago to see the band perform. When Rush canceled the show due poor weather, it apparently sent Lang one into a tizzy and to a lawyer. He is seeking reimbursement for ticket, airfare and other expenses he incurred while making the trek across several states to see the Canadian prog warriors.

Langone is actually going as far as to claim 'breach of contract,' since the ticket and promotional materials stated the show was a 'rain or shine' event. The 42-year-old Langone apparently feels other fans are in the same boat and is hoping they join the suit.

Maybe Geddy Lee can call Langone and personally apologize, and he'll 86 the suit? What's next? Fans suing bands for a set list they disapprove of?