Rotten Records ShowcaseThree former members of the now-defunct Baltimore avant-garde band Dog Fashion Disco -- which released nine albums before breaking up in 2008 -- have formed the new band Polkadot Cadaver, which will headline this month's Rotten Records showcase tour.

The event launches March 12 in Lakewood, Ohio, runs through March 27 in Wheeling, W.V. and includes stops at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on March 19 at Club Encore and March 20 at the Rotten Records Party. The tour will also feature Vampire Moose, Ideamen and Karen Page.

Polkadot Cadaver is composed of Dog Fashion Disco alumni -- vocalist and guitarist Todd Smith, guitarist and keyboardist Jasan Stepp and drummer John Ensminger -- along with bassist Dave Cullen. The group self-released the album 'Purgatory Dance Party' in late 2007 before being signed by Rotten. Their music is a dizzying hybrid of thrash, punk, electronica, carnival music, rock and pop.

Vampire Mooose, who hail from St. Louis, combine death metal, hardcore, progressive rock and jazz, and have been compared to Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan. Vampire Mooose formed in 2003 and have released three albums, including their most recent disc, 2009's 'The Reel.'

Chicago band Ideamen formed in 2006 from the ashes of Duct Tape Mustache and Soulvasq. Their newest album, 'May You Live in Interesting Times,' came out on Oct. 27.

Toronto, Ohio's Karen Page play a schizophrenic style lf music that combines death metal riffs, dance breaks and sing-along passages. The band's self-titled debut came out Feb. 16.

Rotten Records tour dates

3/12 -- Lakewood, OH -- The Breakfast Club (the Hi-Fi)

3/13 -- Chicago, IL -- Reggies Rock Club

3/14 -- St Louis, MO -- Cicero's

3/16 -- Lee's Summit, MO -- Jerry's Bait Shop

3/17 -- Wichita, KS -- Eagles Lodge

3/18 -- Oklahoma City, OK -- The Conservatory

3/19 -- Austin, TX -- Club Encore

3/20 -- Austin, TX -- Lucky Lounge SXSW Rotten Records Party

3/21 -- Denton, TX -- The Boiler Room

3/23 -- Little Rock, AR -- Vinos

3/24 -- Memphis, TN -- House of Thor

3/25 -- Nashville, TN -- The Muse

3/26 -- Columbus, OH -- Bernies

3/27 -- Wheeling, WV -- Yesterdays