Rob Zombie's 'Great American Nightmare,' the ultimate Halloween event and destination, which sprung from the mind of singer, rocker, director and horror fiend Rob Zombie, will open in four weeks, rivaling the annual Halloween Horror Nights attraction at Universal Studios for scream-and-scare supremacy in Southern California. The trailer for the event also terrifies. Be prepared to watch by peeking with your hands over your eyes.The trailer is terrifying and the images feel incredibly real, from the makeup to the special effects. But they're "reel." One of the participants in the clip has a gash in her neck that looks all too authentic. So you know you are in for plenty of good scares.

There are three haunted houses and 15 nights of fun, including live bands performing. However, as the voiceover specialist points out at the end of the trailer, if you are scared easily or offended, go to a f--king amusement park. This is definitely not a fun Halloween attraction for kiddies or those with weak constitutions.

Zombie's 'Great American Nightmare' event will take place at the FEARPlex in Pomona, nestled just outside of L.A.